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ECS 8022 – NC Organic Elemental Analysis

Main Features
  • Fully automated analysis system
  • High sensitivity, accuracy and precision
  • Flexibility and versatility of applications
  • Detector does not require reference gas
  • Powerful software for viewing results from a computer
  • Touch-screen display for an easy settings management
  • Consumables status monitoring for an optimization of catalysts usage
  • Three types of samplers available: electronic / pneumatic / manual.
  • Easy connection to Mass Spectrometers and other detectors for stable isotopes analysis
  • Low operation and management costs
  • Standby mode for gas, energy and time savings

ECS 8022 is the specialized N and C Elemental Analyzer Model based on the Dumas combustion method.

ECS 8022 is prepared and dedicated to the carbon and nitrogen determination in a wide range of samples. ECS 8022 is based on sample combustion and separation of gases with a chromatographic column.

The combustion products, i.e. CO2 and N2 are separated and quantified by a high resolution TCD detector.

ECS 8022 is fully automatic, from the available samplers to the oxygen dosage, from the monitoring of consumables status to the automatic leak test

Installation Video


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