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8070 Air CO2 – Atmospheric CO2 analysis instrument

Main Features
  • Fully automated analysis system
  • High sensitivity, accuracy and precision
  • Application flexibility and versatility
  • C-Quantum adsorption and desorption system
  • Powerful software for results visualization from PC
  • Touch-screen display for an easy settings management
    Consumables status monitoring for an optimization of catalysts usage
  • Field sampler: compact, lightweight and rechargeable
  • Easy connection to Mass Spectrometers and other detectors for carbon stable isotopes analysis
  • Low operation and management costs

8070 Air CO2 is a CO2 concentrator and purifier for stable and radiogenic C isotopes analysis. It is a state-of-the-art instrument for the separation and measurement of C stable and radio isotopes in atmospheric CO2.

This unit is based on the production of a high volume of pure CO2 (>10mg per sample).

The 8070 Air CO2 is coupled with a dedicated IRMS system for CO2 quantification, C stable isotopes analysis and an innovative benchtop 14C analyzer.

8070 Air CO2 concentrator and δ13C analyzer Air CO2 SERIES 8070 Air CO2 δ13C and 14C.

The instrument works on the adsorption/desorption principle with an innovative purification line that allows the elimination of water, VOC and NOx, leaving only pure CO2.

8070 CO2 comes with a lightweight portable and rechargeable unit for field sampling; no more need for sample bags/bottles.

Automated in-line analysis for both 13C and 14C.

The new 8070 Air CO2 is a powerful and useful instrument capable of capturing and separating relatively high amounts of CO2 per sample (10 to 100 mg) in a short time period (10 to 60 minutes).

Automatisms make 8070 Air CO2 particularly user-friendly.

The automatic air pumping, adsorption and desorption systems make this instrument easy to use. With the new C-Quantum CO2 adsorption system, a large amount of carbon dioxide can be treated with an automatic regeneration system – resulting in more precise results and greater performances compared to other systems.

The 8070 Air CO2 is particularly suitable for linking to other units and determine the isotopic ratios of carbon stable isotopes and radiogenic 14C.


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