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11016Chromium Oxide on alumina$60.00
11003Copper Oxide Wires$7.50
11033Copper Reduced Chips$50.00
13004Copper Spherical$102.00
11012Copper wires reduced 0.7 mm$34.00
11013Copper wires reduced 0.7 mm$53.00
11014Copper wires reduced 0.7 mm$22.00
11005Copper Wires, Pure (For Sulfur Determination)$32.00
11017Copper Wires, Pure (For Sulfur Determination)$60.00
11004Copper Wires, Reduced$11.00
11030Copper Wires, Reduced 0.3 mm$56.00
11022Copper Wires, Reduced 0.5 mm$22.50
11042Copper Wires, Reduced 0.5 mm$50.00
21032Silvered copper wool$35.00
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