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84007Ash Crucible Extractor$65.00
80013Blanking Nut, Brass$16.00
96019Bottom Thermal Collars$25.00
80022Cap for air lines$25.00
80014Connection, 5 mm Poly. Tube To Autosampler Or Electrovalves$10.00
80020Connector, 6 MB x poly. (blue) tube$9.00
99005Cooling Fan for CE Instruments$50.00
96035Dual Reactor Fitting$150.00
42.10.004EAS Four Channel Station$3,200.00
42.10.001Eas Single Channel Station$3,150.00
42.10.002EAS Two Channel Station$2,800.00
99015Electro-Valve replacement for NA1500 - EA1108$120.00
91107End Fittings For Gc Columns, 6X2 mm (Includes Ferrule)$35.00
61103O-ring for bottom of tubes$7.00
61102O-ring for top of tubes$7.00
63006O-Ring, 11 mm$14.00
63005O-Ring, 25 mm$27.00
80012Polyethylene (Blue$66.00
80034Rubber Inserts for the Air Line and He & O2 Vent Caps$11.00
80016Sample Tray And Lid, 96 Positions (Plastic)$4.75
91105Seal for electrovalves$50.00
61116Seals for 26 mm reactors$29.00
96033Single reactor fitting$80.00
96017Single Reactor Stand$20.00
80011Ss Tubing, 2 mm OD$70.00
80015T-Connector, 5 mm Poly. (Blue) Tube$15.00
203027201Thermocouple Right$125.00
203027202Thermocouple, Left Or Right$125.00
96014Top Fitting+SS Tube Kit for Reduction Tube$46.00
96020Top Thermal Collars$25.00
96012Top/Bypass Fitting for 18/20 mm Tube$40.00
80017Unions 6 MB x 6 MB$29.00
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