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80030Brass Fittings for Traps$28.00
21038Carbon Dioxide Absorbent, 14-30 Mesh$45.00
21028Chromosorb W, Acid Washed$75.00
71128Connector For H2O and CO2 traps$25.00
71121Large Trap For Co2 Absorption Complete With Glass Trap, Seals And End Caps$55.00
71124Large Trap For H2O$42.00
71126Long Trap For H2O$42.00
71125Silicone seals for H2O and CO2 traps$6.00
71120Small Trap For H2O$39.00
21030Soda Lime, (Absorbent For Co2)$25.00
21037Soda Lime, (Absorbent For Co2)$40.00
71122Teflon faced seals for H2O and CO2 traps$12.00
71123Threaded End Caps$12.00
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