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510830.8 m Packed column for SO2$150.00
510841 m Packed column for Oxygen (molecular sieve)$200.00
510802 m Packed column for N2, CO2, H20, SO2$300.00
510812 m Packed column for N2, CO2, H2O$300.00
510882 m Packed column for Oxygen (molecular sieve)$220.00
510823 m Packed column for N2, CO2$375.00
510854 M Packed Column For N2, Co2$450.00
61120Alumina Combustion Tube$50.00
64001ANCA Combustion/Reduction tubes$69.00
61124Combustion Tube For Htg, 18 mm Od$44.00
63001Combustion Tube, CHN$66.00
61123Combustion Tube, Large 25 mm Od$80.00
63002Combustion Tube, Sulfur$60.00
61150Inserts, Alumina For The Turbo N 4040 Combustion Tubes$17.00
61111Inserts, Quartz (Disposable) For Na 1500 Series I Combustion Tubes$45.00
61118Inserts, Quartz (Disposable) For 18 mm Combustion Tubes$45.00
64003Inserts, Quartz (Disposable) For Europa Anca Combustion Tubes$55.00
61101Opaque Quartz Tube$73.00
61112Pre-Packed Reactor For N, C/N Or Chn Analysis$178.00
61113Pre-Packed Reactor For N, N/C$200.00
61110Pre-packed reactor for Sulfur$120.00
63003Reduction Tube, CHN$66.00
64002Roboprep reduction tube$39.00
63004Scrubber Tube$50.00
61106Seals for top of tubes$25.00
61100Transparent Quartz tube$123.00
61107Transparent Quartz tube$69.00
61104Transparent Quartz Tube, 1.5 mm Wall Thickness$47.00
61121Transparent Quartz Tube, 2 mm Wall Thickness$49.00
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